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The Best Real Estate Keywords. What You Should Know”

What Words Does Your Potential Customer Type When Looking For Information?

The real estate keywords you choose for your business will be responsible, to a large extent, for the quality of traffic that your website will generate.

Of course, real estate agents still do not give enough importance to keywords and select those that “they believe” are the best. For instance if you are trying sell a plot in Park View City, you should know which keywords to target. In addition, there is a bit of ignorance about how keywords should be used, what the website is positioned for and how to select specific real estate keywords for a particular real estate business, (whether you are an independent agent, agency or real estate developer).

On the other hand, real estate agents should keep in mind that the real estate sector is a bit particular and has an advantage. The area where you work is always part of the real estate keywords. Not only the area, but the neighborhoods, districts and even some streets within that area.

The Use of Real Estate Keywords.

The keywords estate are used in various ways to get qualified traffic to your website and your social networks.

1.- They are used to include them in the titles and descriptions of each of the pages of your website and in their texts. This is called optimization of your website and is the essence of real estate SEO. Both the images of your properties, as well as the accompanying text, must include specific keywords to that property or to that page of your website.

Remember that each property that you upload to your website creates a different page and if it does not have the right keyword, search engines will not index it correctly. Outcome? Your property will be lost in the vastness of the internet.

2.- They are used to write the articles of your real estate blog . Each of the articles in your blog creates a page within your website. If you choose the right keyword, you can position that article on the first pages of a search engine in a matter of days.

This allows potential quality customers to visit your website and access the property they are looking for in the area that interests them. Just put a highlight to that page in your article.

Some of my students manage to position between 1-2 articles every 2- 3 months on the 1st page of Google in a matter of 2-3 weeks. Result? Qualified traffic to the website and the satisfaction of competing with real estate portals in online recruitment. Being on the 1st page of Google at zero cost is “phenomenal.”

It is not easy to get to the 1st page of Google, but if you choose certain keywords for your articles, some of them will position any of those articles quickly.

3.- They are used in the online promotion . Do you want to get 500% more profitability in your online advertising? Use the real estate keywords specific to your real estate business and you will be surprised by the results. Here the most used and most obvious keywords are not always the best to capture traffic, for the simple reason that everyone uses them and the bids for those keywords are usually high.

I’ve seen bids of up to $ 2.20 dollars for some real estate keywords for cities like Madrid, Bogota or Punta del Este, Uruguay. This is crazy.

We could say that this is the formula to create your own keywords:

A.- General: Type of Property + Zone

B.- Type of property + Property characteristic + Zone

C.- Type of service + Zone

Types of Real Estate Keywords.

To understand the keywords a little better, let’s look at the types of real estate keywords that we can organize in different groups. There are 3 types of keywords: generic; semi generic and long tail.

Approximately 30% of the traffic to a real estate website is given by generic searches.

The remaining 70% of traffic comes through much more specific searches e.g, Plots for sale in Islamabad which only a few people repeat to reach the desired page. The latter is what is known as long tail . Being more specific searches, the purchase potential is much greater.

In between, there are other types of keywords that, without becoming long tail, are somewhat more specific than the generic ones we talked about at the beginning. They are called semi-generic real estate keywords  .

We will explain it better through an example:

1.- The generic real estate keywords are of the type: sale of housing, sale of apartments, purchase of offices, houses for sale, etc.

A person usually looks for a home in the same province, state or country, so their IP will give general and local results. First with respect to its area,  then in the rest of adjacent areas and then throughout the country.

The problem with this type of real estate keywords , is that all are already indexed by real estate portals and classified and it is very difficult to compete with them with low presupeusto; unless … you have a real estate blog! (We will talk about this in another article).

2.- The semi-generic real estate keywords with the type: ” sale of houses in Guadalajara”; “apartments for sale in panama city”; “commercial premises in buenos aires”; “2 bedroom house in Bogotá”; “apartment in Acapulco with views”, apartment in Malaga on the beach “, etc.

These keywords are a bit less general and show that the user is more clear about what he wants . Semi-generic keywords are usually used once the user has already been researching online and has a more concrete idea of ​​what to look for and where. In commercial terms, the customer has more potential to buy or request information when he finds you.

3.- The long tail real estate keywords are of the type: ” 2 bedroom houses Merida 250,000 dollars”; “apartment 3 rooms Valencia city”; “luxury house in San Miguel”, (area of ​​the city of Querétaro), etc.

These are the best real estate keywords you can use to attract highly qualified clients. Of course, searches with these keywords are scarce, but they have the huge advantage of positioning your website in the first 5 searches of the 1 page of Google.

If someone finds you by entering a long tail keyword, the chances of selling your immense to that person is quite high. Of course, always and when your property is well presented on your website.

I give you a real example of one of my students. Nicolás is selling a $ 367,000 Apartment in the Miraflores area of ​​Lima, Peru. To position your apartment online, you have chosen several long-tail real estate keywords and entered them in the text of the description of this apartment. You have chosen 3:  “spacious 3 bedroom apartment in Miraflores”; “Sale of apartments in Miraflores for $ 300,000 dollars” and  “Miraflores sale of apartments with sea views”

As Nicolás uses advertising on Google and Bing to promote this property, these real estate keywords attract few but better clients, so that his budget is maximized. And let’s not say its effectiveness, if you use advertising on YouTube.

Long Tail Real Estate Keywords

From the point of view of search engine optimization , the concept of long-tail real estate keywords has a very important significance in real estate SEO . On the one hand, there are a few very common search terms that have great competition in search engines.

While, on the other hand, there are thousands of derivative terms for which there is not a very high search volume, (long-tail real estate keywords) , but as a general rule they will have less competition and therefore it will be easier to appear first position.

Thus, according to the theory of long tail,  the sum of many of these less frequent terms could exceed the number of visits that we would receive from other terms that initially have more visits but for which it is more difficult to position themselves above.

That is, the sum of “many few” may end up resulting in more visits , greater relevance and greater exposure. If there is no exposure there are no requests for information. Good exposure to the right obese public generates requests for quality information or leads .

The work of real estate SEO analysis and consulting lies largely in filtering those long-tail real estate keywords that can be useful when developing a search engine optimization strategy; either because that word can attract a qualified visitor or because it can generate a medium or long term conversion.

This is not difficult to achieve and real estate agents should learn as soon as possible. It will save you budget, increase organic traffic to your websites and improve the quality of requests for information you receive. Many of my students can testify.

Please leave a comment on this article. Do you think that the use of real estate keywords is difficult for you? Do you think they are too confusing? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.