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Latest designs by suffuse by sana yasir

Recently has launched winter bridal designs, Suffuse by Sana Yasir Freesia Wedding Collection 2020 introducing Freesia Wedding’2020 stitched and unstitched collection. Handcrafted using the best pearls, motifs, dhabka with Suffuse signature motifs and colour palette and colour tones that are bejeweled, and luxury that is cheap is redefined by the Suffuse wedding collection. We bring on the seasons best and most and have meticulously sourced the finest pure cloths. It’s a blend of bright, shocking and soft colours coming together to make a fusion. What have us attracted to Suffuse by Sana Yasir Bridal Collection with Costs in 2020 were the colours that are gorgeous.

suffuse by sana yasir

Suffuse Freesia Wedding Wear Collection 2020 by Sana Yasir

With beautiful cuts and fits of tradition, these Bridal and Wedding dresses give the Traditional Pakistani but stylish and contemporary looks. Cuts, colors, sequences and beautiful embroidery make them elegant and stylish wedding dresses. Many distinct colors are used in this collection instead of the pink, yellow and green. Also these conventional colors are used in special and distinct shades such as lime pink, bright pink, sea. We loved the usage of blue, ferozi, orange tea black and pink colour that also in a wedding gown. We can observe some images of Suffuse.

Suffuse is a celebration of femininity thulrough intricate designs, floral and rich embellishments. Their clothes are a beautiful depiction of excellent, craftsmanship and taste cloth — everything that a bride-to-be would wish to showcase on her wedding day. You are able to customise your dress according to your liking and eventually become a SUFFUSE bride without going on your own pocket. Her job is chic and timeless.

Suffuse by Sana Yasir

Suffuse from Sana Yasir true to its name has permeated Pakistani luxury style with its own delicate designs. Launched in 2012 in Lahore, Suffuse gives life to signature intricate aesthetics patterns and glittering embellishments that celebrate femininity.

Creative Head Sana Yasir caters to her eclectic clientele from her private studio providing the utmost importance to exclusivity with customized formals and evening wear. The label has proven its potential with its exceptionally tasteful designs for bridals, semi-formals, wedding wear, and pret which are inked with pure fabrics and handcrafted techniques.

Having drawn allies in Canada, London and the USA, Suffuse creations are for the global woman boasting modern cuts and exotic motifs. Following a range of oriental pret collections, Sana has introduced an interplay of female embroideries, screen prints and mediums because of her high end lines. Suffuse creations combine striking display prints for dupattas and pants applique and embroideries, and a balance of textures and colours with lace accents to complete each generation. The label caters to a western wear line embracing chic silk published trousers and capes.

Suffuse creations are offered at their studio via appointment and internet orders through their FB page. Stay updated with their collections and displays on our Events Calendar and Style Website.

What Is In Store: Suffuse From Sana Yasir Turns It Up A Notch With Her Most Recent Wedding Wear Collection’Floraison’

After a successful range of wedding wear, Sana has introduced an interplay of hand work, female embroideries and diverse mediums for her high end lines. Suffuse creations combine and embroideries and a balance of colours and textures, finish each creation. This year the designer bridal wear set’Floraison’ has our hearts.

Suffuse chooses up their designs a notch with their breath taking bridals- Suffuse gives life to signature floral designs, intricate aesthetics and glittering embellishments that celebrate femininity. Using trickling of three dimensional themes A range that’s all about mild summer shades; it features mint greens accentuated with delicate pinks silvers created ice and detailing blues.